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As a growing business, Right Price Advanced Sales & Marketing, L.L.C. hires local staff to work at our two main locations in Lagos and Abuja. 

But, founder and CEO, Dennis Koatsa, strives to effect more significant changes in Nigeria by increasing small business growth for others.

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Right Price

“As I was growing up,” explains Dennis, “I loved and admired my older uncles and aunties. I watched them work honestly and diligently for years as they dreamed of an early retirement. But our nation’s economy does not allow everyone that kind of financial success and stability.

In honor of them, the Right Price Advanced Sales & Marketing business model is designed not only to support my family and employees, but to help other enthusiastic and hard-working locals start their own businesses. Perhaps, we can all enjoy the early retirement my uncles and aunties envisioned.”

Dennis admits that owning your own business requires hard work and discipline. Despite his own humble beginnings, his steady efforts to build Right Price now allows more than 500 local merchandisers to help support their families.

“With every new merchandiser, I explain the road may have rough patches. But if they remain steadfast, honest, eager to learn, and hard-working as they build their own team, Right Price will continue to support them with great consignment inventory.”

If you enjoy helping people feel better and reach their fitness goals by offering great products, contact Right Price about becoming a merchandiser. Right Price may be the first step on your journey to economic success with your own business. Take a chance on yourself and meet with us to learn more.