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Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood Pressure can cause many complications. it can quietly damage your body for years before symptoms develop. This can lead to disability, poor quality of life or even Fatal heart attack or stroke, Knowing this it is very important to check your blood pressure regularly. Right Price is offering a genuine automated blood pressure monitor with long lasting batteries batteries. So checking your blood pressure is no more something you need to worry about, it is now very easy and withing reach. Get your Blood Pressure monitor now at discounted price with One year warranty and a free delivery.

Benefits of Having a BP Monitor

1. Study shows that the blood pressure can contribute to a number of health concerns such as coronary heart disease, stroke to name a few. Self test provides an important baseline for your blood pressure.

2.It can be used to check how healthy you are or if you really are in danger of developing hypertension or other potentially challenging diseases.

3. Regular checks can offer a thorough insight into the health of even the most seemingly well individual.

4. Diagnosing Hypertension

5. Identifying White Coat Hypertension is a temporary reaction blood pressure elevation due to physical or mental stem like when sitting in a doctors office/hospital

Basically every home should have a Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Monitor) to checkmate health complications that arise from either low or high blood pressure, and live  a healthy life using the right monitor and the best time to check is between 7 and 8 am then 7 and 8 pm for the most accurate reading.

Hand-Held Massage


Majority of illness or most times we are down in health it is caused by stress, pains or sugar. This three things can lead to high blood pressure, arthritis rheumatism, aches, sexual dysfuntion, stress induced-malaria, menstrual pains, and many other illness. These illnesses could be treated with drugs but it is no news that drugs have side effects or you can be diagnosed wrongly and take the wrong medication.


Benefits of Having a Dolphin Massager

1. Physiotherapy for many body parts

2.Promotes relaxation and relief of muscle aches and pain

3. Long handle to reach most areas

4. Pulsating action combined with infrared heat and magnetic therapy

The hand held massage is equipped with four therapies accu-pressure which works by applying pressure on specific accu-point and you get same result as accu-puncture. Infrared light is used to repair and rejuvenate dead cells and tissues in the body. As the infrared works inside the body the message therapy is the physical one you feel on your body as the device vibrates and lastly the heat theraphy.

Health Smart Watch


Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. Now poor posture could lead to a number of illness like Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain, increased depression and stress, decreased productivity, reduced lung capacity, poor breathing, digestive and stomach issues and poor blood circulation. Study shows that people who work in offices assume poor posture that is the reason companies invest so much money in arm chairs that support good posture.

Benefits of Having a Mini Sit Massager

1. Relieves neck and back pain

2.Aids in blood circulation

3. Soothing heat therapy for cold weather

4. No drugs needed in this pain relief

This seat massager cushion has 6 invigorating massage motors that delivers vibrating massage to your tissue and muscles to help relieve muscle pain, tension, stress and eliminate fatigue after day work or long trip. It has 3 healthy pads target full back and hip, thighs that indicate gentle warmth to sough tight, soreness muscles and most importantly promote blood circulation without the use of any drug. The seat massage cushion offers a comfortable and great feeling for body touch. This seat massager is designed with non-slip rubber and adjustable dual straps to enable use in office or car and enjoy great health and body relaxation

Testimony Time

Below are some amazing compilations of our customer reviews, these comes from all age groups and works of life. It’s really amazing how understanding your body can improve your life in general. You are your own key to living that life you dreamed about but it starts with decisions you make today about your health. Health they say is wealth.


After a series of use, our honorable calls to tell us how he feels and how impressed he was at the results from the use of the device. We are not surprised but give glory to God for being able to bring succor to many alike. He can now Walk well, Jump and Go about his daily activities normally. Delay they say is dangerous, why waste time? Have any loved one you know who may need remedies like this? Why waste time? As you take that time more damage could be done to the body system. Call us today to make inquiries, tell us your pain and we’d recommend something for you.

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