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Are you looking for “quick” relief from pains and stress, the infrared massage hammer that doesn’t only relax the nerves and muscles but also aids in the treatment of over 35 illness relating to pain or stress like headache, back pain, waist pain, dislocation, severe pains, rheumatism, stress-induced malaria, hypertensive patient, sexual dysfunction, weak erection, quick ejaculation, menstrual problems and many others listed on the manual. the single head on this hand-held massage hammer provides a rolling hammer-style massage to aching muscles. This device is a handy hammer style massage to aching muscles and relief’s pain, even more, you can choose between three interchangeable massage heads to achieve the desired comfort and Penetration.

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The combination of infrared rays, heat, magnetic therapy and pulsating massage relaxes muscles and minimizes nerve pain. Choose between three interchangeable massage heads to achieve the desired comfort and penetration.

Taikang TK-808A  Infrared Massage Hammer


  • Two-speed hand-held body massage hammer
  • 3 silicon rubber massage heads (different textures)
  • 220V Electric power cord

Benefits of Use

  • Promotes relaxation and relief of muscle aches and pain
  • Physiotherapy for many body parts


  • Single massage head (3 choices)
  • 2 speeds
  • Long handle to reach most areas
  • Pulsating action combined with infrared heat and magnetic therapy


Benefits of The Dolphine massager Cups

  • First (Smooth) Cup
  1. General Body Massage
  2. Energy Improvement
  3. Corrects Male Erectile disfunction
  4. Regulates Blood Sugar Level
  • Second (Semi-Smooth) Cup
  1. Used to suite joint and nerve pains
  2. To provide relief from Rheumatism and Arthritis pains
  3. To regulate blood pressure
  • Thrid (Rough – Cup)
  1. Burns Fat in all parts of the body
  2. Used to regulate body size
  3. Aids Digestion
  4. Used to take care of Female menstrual cramps and Irregular Menstruation

1 review for Hand-held Body Massager

  1. Adepoju Olabisi

    If you want a deep tissue massage that’s powerful this is the one you need. Not necessarily beating the body like a hammer but the performance of it works great and it comes with extra heads that’s removable. Its worth it! Two thumbs up and highly recommended!

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