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Quantum Body Analyzer

250,000.00 120,000.00


Quantum Body Analyzer

250,000.00 120,000.00

This health analyzing device uses electro-magnetic wave signals to provide comprehensive, non-invasive, and economical individual health assessments. With computer software installed and analyzer connected to the computer, the testing can begin. Using a testing rod, the frequency and energy of the body’s magnetic field waves are measured to assess the health state of the various organ systems.

Model: SSCH Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer


  • Provides fields for patient contact information, gender, date of birth, height, and weight
  • Shows test results based on body systems, such as gastrointestinal, gallbladder, lung, brain/nerve. Indicates test specification and normal ranges.
  • Creates a comprehensive report card with test results and recommendations to improve health in that body system. Then, it creates a Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular analysis report card.
  • Health professional can edit report care patient care recommendations based on latest knowledge and study
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  • Quantum Resonance Magenetic Analyzer
  • Testing rod with cord
  • Software CD
  • USB connection cord
  • Thumb drive for computer backup
  • Carrying case
  • REQUIRES computer or laptop with MS Windows-based operating system

Benefits of Use

  • Provides an overall whole body system assessment to detect body weaknesses and recommend appropriate lifestyle changes.


  • Not for patients with pacemakers
  • Patients should be relaxed and well rested before testing.
  • Patients should follow diet restrictions 48 hours before testing.
  • REQUIRES computer or laptop with MS Windows-based operating system


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